New PSA Findings By A Melbourne Urologist Specialist



What Is Urology

A Urologist is someone who takes into count all medical situations and features when inspecting the urinary and sexual organs. This article will be based on radical prostatectomy procedures and the new groundbreaking medical research surrounding them.


Our Methods


Over 14,000 Melbourne men had a radical prostatectomy and over 3,000 experienced high levels of improvement in their ability to once again achieve and maintain a firm erection during sexual activities. As it happens, out medical studies revealed real-life factors that could predict whether or not a man would be more liable to experience prostate cancer in his life, and as such whether or not he would be someone who would erectile dysfunction.




e also analyze cancer survival rates of prostate cancer after these procedures had been performed. We should note, however, that these studies are still being overlooked and the data is being compiled. Time is a factor in these studies to see whether prostate cancer will come back. As any good Urologist will tell you, we want prostate cancer to stay away forever.



What Sexual Science Says


As it turns out, through testing we were able to uncover predictors that depended on biochemical responses in men. They are also cancer-specific rates of survival that alter depending on the average Melbourne man’s age. More info on this coming soon. As said before this test was done using thousands of male applicants. They all came in to see a Urologist and they all received the same treatment. This was due to the similar levels of severity of all of their ed.


Unfortunately, some of these men have now passed away. This is due to the fact that their cancer was indeed too far along and they could not be helped. Many men each year passed away in Melbourne, even with Urological care. This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. They did not get a Urological prostate exam at least once every 18 monthsSurgery
  2. Their specific kind of Cancer was aggressive and could not be treated


How To Interpret This

Melbourne men who have biochemical issues are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer. On the other hand, if a urologist is unable to detect a Melbourne man’s PSA after they have a radical prostatectomy, this is a very good sign!  This is due to the fact that high PSA levels strongly correlate to a high likelihood of having prostate cancer.

You can get check your levels of PSA by contacting us and organizing an appointment today.


Prostate Cancer In Melbourne

There are just above 400,000 men in Australia who have survived fights with prostate cancer. A huge amount has had the aforementioned procedure. It should be noted that younger men are more often getting diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is happening more and more. Decades ago prostate cancer was more commonly detected in people above the age of 45. Now it can be seen in men as young as 30. There is not yet any hard scientific evidence as to why this is happening. As soon as we have any updates we will post them on


Medical Graph On PSA


 Let’s Get Technical

If your eyes start to glaze over, don’t worry. This is very technical information that we’re about to get into. We will use words that you might have to Google in order to help you understand them. This is fine. Just do your best and let us help you understand more about prostate cancer and how you can stand your greatest chance of preventing/beating it.



BCR is something worth talking about when it comes to prostate cancer. BCR sets in at roughly the 2-year mark, so there is definitely time to prevent it. There are multiple predictors – of which you can check out by clicking here.



It is very important to take note of the fact that there are various updates that take place throughout many medical fields. And all through your doctor will be able to access these updates easily via the use of medical journals, you should also make it a goal of yours to stay updated on the issues and symptoms that you are currently facing. For example, Sufferers of serious ailments should be constantly checking Youtube, MNSBC, and Google for medical updates. Believe it or not, it is more often than not diet that is a huge factor regarding medical sicknesses.

More On PSA

Believe it or not, more men are scared of blood tests that are women. Men can faint easily at the site of needles and especially at the site of their own blood. There could be some genetic factor, but the statistic is clear. For this reason. Many men shy away from getting blood work done and as a result, are left debilitated after a heinous disease due to the simple fact that they weren’t brave enough to get a blood test which could have detected it in it;’s early stages and therefore initiated preventative action. This truly is a shame and could have prevented these men from dying in the first place.

PSA/DNASo if you have a male family member who is hesitant to get a blood test. Please urge him to read this paper and show him that it could save his life. Most men also don’t take that threat too seriously as losing a life seems like such a far-off thing. Warn him instead about the impotence issues that arrive after having prostate surgery. Inform him that if he does not get tested for PSA levels and does end up with prostate cancer. He will need to have surgery. And a common side effect of that surgery is that he might not be able to achieve or even maintain a proper erection – regardless of his age! This will surely get him thinking about weighing up needles and a lack of a sex life.

We sincerely hope this article has helped and we look forward to talking with you further about your Urological issues. Call us anytime on (03) 8593 7380.

~ Urologist Melbourne