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Being a Urologist has got to be one of the most highly regarded and sought after medical professions in the world. And not just because it is considered a popular role, but because it is also a very highly paid role! Everybody knows that the medical profession has lots of emotional gains. You get to save lives, help people in pain and much much more,

But the monetary gain of being a Urologist is also huge. This is because you also receive specialist rates. Many doctors seek out the medical role of specialist by opting to specialize in a certain medical field.

Whether this be, gastroenterology, cancer research, knees, asthma or anything in between! These roles, including urology, are all highly paid and highly regarded medical roles.


The Truth About Doctors

Doctors are some of the most hardworking people in Melbourne.

And this is especially true for doctors who hail originally from a different country. Because those people must learn medicine in Doctortheir own language, and in English.

There is also another critical point in a Urologists job that I would like to point out. I should mention that what I am about to mention also comes into play in the workplace of regular doctors, too.

What I’m talking about, of course, is ‘Doctor and patient etiquette’.


How Often Medical Specialists get Sued

Medical specialists and Urologists who are located in Melbourne have a very high chance to get sued, but only if they have no people skills.


There is a fantastic book called Emotional Intelligence in which the author shows how emotional intelligence greatly A Female Medical Specialist In Australiaovershadows logical intelligence when it comes to persuasion and becoming successful. There is another book called Blink written Malcolm Gladwell. In this book, Gladwell shows how doctors who use the wrong tonality and fail to get to know the patient and instead prescribe an antidote to their ailment before hastily scurrying them out of the office, are much more likely to get sued.




To put this into perspective, a Urologist who:

  • Is not friendly to their patients
  • Does not try to get to know his medical patients properly
  • Only cares for Urology
  • Will not be flexible regarding meeting their patients elsewhere in Melbourne

Is much more likely to get sued. This is a reason to consider when putting doctors up on a pedestal.


 The Age Of A Standard Urologist

Consider this, someone seeking to become a specialist must first complete the following studies in Australia

  1. Get over a 95.0 VCE score
  2. Be accepted into either Melbourne University or RMIT to study science for 3 years
  3. Be then accepted into a medical school and then study there for 5 years, passing with flying colors
  4. Do placement for 2 years (in what each student hopes) is the top hospital in their country
  5. Go on to assist with surgical operations during this time,
  6. Go back to school to study Urology as a specialist career for 3 more years.
  7. Start practicing Urology at the average age of 29-30



Now you’re starting to see how much effort it takes to become a Urologist, so, please. Be kind to these male and female doctors! They only want to help!


A Man's Heart Rate

Should You See A Doctor Or A Specialist?

Well, to be honest, depending on your medical issue – you will most likely end up seeing both.

If you go to see a doctor, a GP let’s say, and you have a severe bladder issue. The GP may have a basic idea as to what is going on with you, but they will definitely refer you to a trained Urologist just to ensure that you receive the best medical care problem for your specific issue.

It should also be noted that although this article has brought together many facts surrounding medical specialties. It is also an opinion piece about how said facts are connected. So take this article as you will, but remember to also interpret it by doing your own research as that is how you will determine how to apply this knowledge in your own life. This is also how you approach reading any article that you come across online – regardless of the source or the apparent trustworthiness.


More Medical Research

As just mentioned, you should also be looking to do your own research regarding Urology. You’d not just buy a care because a friend suggested it, would you? Now you might be thinking “of course not, but a car has much more legal ramifications, but alas, being consulted by an ineffective Urologist also has adverse health ramifications of which could also lead to financial costs when you have to pay for an operation that a skilled Urologist could have easily helped you avoid.


We have also included some surgery costs that can help you see exactly the kind of money that Urologists can make:


 Radical ProstatectomyUrinary diversionVasectomyKidney Stone Removal
Time3 - 4 Hours1 Hour1.5 Hours1 - 3 Hours (varies on severity)
Cost$2,000 +$1,000 +$2,000 +$1,000 - $3,000 (varies due to time consumption)



This obviously comes into play when you’re looking at hiring a Dentist or someone else who would play a big role in the health and well-being of your family and yourself. Even a Vet! Health care and Urology come hand in hand in that you absolutely need to be doing your own research and making sure you’re hiring the right doctors.


Urologists are indeed some of the most highly educated specialists out there as not only do they specialize on certain parts of the human body, but they also study and consult these body parts between men of women – of whom have completely different body parts in these areas. This is what makes these medical specialists such an asset to a community.


This article proves information on Urologists within the Melbourne, please note that doctors from outside of the Melbourne area will operate in different ways. Due to this, we recommend that you seek out ulterior methods of Urological education on this manner. So until next, time, call us anytime for medical advice.

Our trained, friendly and educated staff would be more than willing to assist you with any medical advice throughout the entire year of 2018.


~ Urologist Melbourne