One of the most problematic forms of cancer for men is called prostate cancer. It affects the prostate in their body. This can Surgeon's facemanifest as a result of genetics, diet, or from many other possible sources. It is not exactly known why it starts, but there are ways to treat it.

There are also very unusual statistics in regard to geographical locations. For example, there are differences between those that develop prostate cancer in the United States, especially compared to men that get this in Australia. Let’s look at what the prostate is, what prostate cancer does, and why the statistics for the United States and Australia are so different.


What Is The Prostate


This is a gland that is right in between the penis and the bladder. It is the size of a walnut, and it is placed directly in front of the rectum. The urethra that descends from the kidney actually goes right through the prostate. That’s why men will have UTIs as a result of inflammation of the prostate.



It does secrete a fluid which is designed to protect sperm, but otherwise, it is not known what purpose it serves beyond that. You can get cancer at a certain age, or if you are of a certain genetic predisposition.


What Is Prostate Cancer?


Getting_A_Medical_Check_upWhen a man develops prostate cancer, it is a mutation of the cells. They will start to go out of control. That is how most cancer occurs. It will begin to then spread from that area of the body to other areas. That’s why it may need to be removed. There are other treatments such as the use of chemotherapy which have been successful if it is caught early. Due to its location in front of the rectum, and below the bladder, it is easy to find and treat.


Medical Differences Between The USA And Australia


What is very hard to understand about the development of prostate cancer in Australian men opposed to those in the United States is how much more prevalent it is and Australia. Some people have attributed this to testing that is much more efficient in the United States opposed to what is available in Australia. However, this has not been conclusively proven. What is known is that Australian men are more likely to develop this condition than those in the US.




Reasons For Variation

There are three possible reasons for this. First of all, people in the United States come from diverse backgrounds in regard to their genetics. Those from Australia are typically from one particular type of genetics. This mixture of genetic material could Doctorprovide some benefit. Second, the testing in the United States, as well as the treatments that are offered, might be more effective than what is available in Australia. Finally, the doctors that are providing the tests, or that are doing the early testing, may not be as highly skilled as those in the US. After looking at these possibilities, it was determined that none of them were actually true. There were the potential better treatments and early detection processes, but nothing is conclusive.



How To Resolve This Issue

There are several possible ways that this difference could be resolved. First of all, it seems that many of the men that develop prostate cancer in Australia are falling through the cracks. However, it’s hard to believe. In the United States where you do not have the guarantee of quality medical treatments because so many people do not have insurance, it is unlikely. Australia is a country, like many of the others around the world, where people can come in to get this type of testing for free. Therefore, it may be the quality of the testing, or even the willingness of the people to come forward, to get the proper testing done to avert this terrible disease.


Doctors Receptionist


Until more studies are done, they will not know why there are so many more people in Australia that develop prostate cancer. It is obviously not the result of a lack of medical coverage or access to quality medical doctors. It is likely not because Australians use inferior testing or treatments for their men. It looks more like a genetic predisposition to developing this condition, and that is why there are more cases in Australia compared to the US.


Prostate cancer is a serious condition, but one that can be recovered from in many cases if it is treated early. It is interesting to consider the different rates of prostate cancer death in different parts of the world – an, in particular, the rates in the USA compared to Australia.


The Australian Government

The Australian Government has published a lot of statistics about cancer rates and recovery in the country, including the number of new cancer cases diagnosed, and the number of deaths. Prostate cancer accounted for 23.1 percent of all new cancers in Australia in 2017, with 16,665 men being diagnosed with the condition. The risk of an individual in Australia dying from cancer – any form of cancer – by their 85th birthday is one in 4 for men. Prostate cancer killed 3,452 men in Australia in 2017, accounting for 12.7 percent of all cancer deaths. Breast cancer and lung cancer were the second and third greatest causes of cancer deaths in Australia, with prostate cancer among men being the third most common killer.



Health Statistics


The statistics are similar for the United States – although the numbers look greater because the population is higher. The biggest cancer-related killer of men in the United States is non-melanoma skin cancer, with prostate cancer being the next biggest cancer-related killer in the united states. It is one of the leading causes of cancer death among the Hispanic populations.

Royal Botanic GardensThe most recent statistics published by the CDC relate to 2014 and show that 172,258 men were diagnosed with this form of cancer, and 28,343 men in Melbourne died from the condition.

In terms of survival rate, it appears that men in the United Staes have a slightly lower risk of death. There could be many reasons for this. One potential explanation is that in Australia there are many rural communities where access to health care is harder to obtain, and also there is still a prevailing attitude of fearing doctors or avoiding seeking treatment until someone is incredibly unwell.


Sickness In Melbourne

In the United States, health care may be more expensive, but there is better education and more people are aware of the risks of things like prostate cancer so they are more likely to seek help earlier on.

It is still clear that prostate cancer is a serious condition, and that more could be done for adult men to ensure that they are screened for it regularly and that they know what to look out for. If you are worried that you or someone you care about may have something wrong with them – if you have found a lump somewhere, or there is something on your skin or blood in your urine, then seek medical advice as soon as possible. Many cancers are treatable if they are found quickly, and the sooner you talk to a professional and get help the more likely it is that you will b able to make a full recovery.