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Contrary to popular belief, urological conditions are far more common than the average male likes to think. If you take a brief glance at medical online forums, you will notice a basic theme where men have obvious urologic problems that are not serious but are not being treated. This is often a nuisance for the individual, but it may be a warning of some more serious condition. This article will provide the top reasons why you should overstep your general practitioner and consult a urologist instead.

1. Male Infertility

Any basic sign of urological difficulty may be a symptom of male infertility. Studies have shown that a small percentage of male infertility is caused by testicular cancer and this is often overlooked by general practitioners or primary care doctors. It is only when a person consults a urologist that there is a likelihood of infertility being discovered. This is highly beneficial for the patient, particularly if the infertility is a result of testicular cancer.

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2. Blood In Urine

Blood in one’s urine, known as hematuria among medical professionals, can be seen in one of two ways. Gross hematuria refers to visible blood in the urine and microscopic hematuria refers to blood in the urine being visible only under a microscope. This symptom is not a typical occurrence and can be a symptom of kidney or bladder cancer. If you find yourself dealing with this problem, it is vital that you visit a urologist and complete the different urine tests including x-rays and a cystoscopy to examine the bladder.


3. A Change In PSA


One of the most common signs of prostate cancer in the medical field is the PSA. Unfortunately, not many medical professionals fully understand the PSA test and how it operates. If the doctor simply recommends that you leave and “see how high it will go or how fast it climbs”, you should consider visiting a urologist as this can be detrimental to your health. Any elevation in PSA must be evaluated as a rise in the PSA may be an early sign of cancer.


4. Prostate Examination

Any abnormalities in a person’s prostate examinations may be a sign of a urological condition. Abnormalities can include the presence of small nodules, unnecessary firmness of the prostate, or any irregularities in the shape or size of the prostate. It is recommended that a prostate exam is completed regularly and if changes are noted it may be a sign of potential prostate cancer. It is advised that men over the age of 40 be particularly aware of these issues as they are at highest risk of prostate cancer. Fortunately, if the condition is identified in its early phase there is a high cure rate.

  • The Prostate Should Be Examined At least Once every 2 Years By A Qualified Urologist
  • Prostate Cancer Is One Of The Top Cancers That Take The Lives Of Melbourne Men Each year

5. The Kidneys

Any abnormalities discovered in the kidneys must be concerned carefully as they may a sign of potential kidney cancer. This can be identified using kidney x-rays which should be completed on a regular basis. It is recommended that you do not allow a medical professional to perform a biopsy until you have visited a urologist as there may be incorrect information used during the test. Furthermore, biopsies of kidneys can cause more harm than good and in certain cases do not always provide the desired information.

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6. A Testicular Mass Or Constant Pain

Due to the chance of having underlying testicular cancer with any nodules, firmness, or masses being present in the testicular area, it is essential that you visit a urologist if there is a persistent pain in this area. Of course, there is a chance that this pain is caused by common issues, such as inflammation or accidents. If, however, the testicular pain does not dissipate within one or two weeks, it is recommended that a urologist is consulted. Testicular cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer, particularly if it is discovered during its early phases.

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