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ED is a problem that affects a significant number today’s adult male generation making them have a poor or weak sexual performance. ED is attributed to physical or psychological issues or both.

ED is estimated to affect nearly 3 million men of different ages in Australia, and the growing percentage of the new cases are notably in young men. Most of these young adult males suffer from erectile dysfunction because of psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, or various kinds of psychological trauma related to distressing sexual experiences. Regarding the physical Urinary Systemtriggers, these can range from obesity, diseases, and penile injuries.


Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction


In most cases, knowing the causes of the problem helps formulate practical solutions that can help stop your erectile dysfunction. For instance, losing weight, avoiding alcohol, and maintaining a balanced diet are essential elements of your efforts to treat your ED. Here is an in-depth look at 6 tips that can help you curb your erectile dysfunction AKA ED.




1. Maintain A Healthy Weight

The extra body fat will cause inflammation of the body which triggers the conversion of your testosterone to estrogen. The drop in testosterone coupled with the increase in estrogen levels is known to increase the risk of developing ED. Therefore, you should look for suitable long-term solutions for losing weight, and stick to those that you can maintain with ease so that you keep your body weight in check. Start a weight-loss program, and you are likely to note improvement in your sexual performance after around six months and long-term improvements follow suit.


2. Exercise, Stay Active


Exercising will fall in line with your efforts to lose weight; it is the healthiest option known that will also better the functions of various organs in your body such as the heart, kidney, and your male production organs. Staying active reduces the risk of ED by nearly 70%. You should engage in around half an hour of exercise of some form of physical activity for at least 3 -4 days a week.

3. Eat Healthily



Eating a balanced diet is important because it helps ensure the proper functions of every body organ. You can help improve your penile function by eating certain foods such as pistachio nuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelons, healthy carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. All of this combined is a great way to prevent ed from happening.



4. Avoid Stress And Get Enough Rest

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Stress is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction in most young men. Much of the stressing issues stem from the demands of work that robs them of enough time to relax or sleep. The body runs on an internal clock that allocates enough time to rest so that the various organs, systems, and functions of the body can rejuvenate for the next day. Reducing stress and anxiety will help increase the testosterone levels which improves your erection and sexual performance and prevents ED from happening.

5. Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking and excessive indulgence in alcohol are some of the notable causes of impotence in men. Men with such habits are more likely to develop ED compared to men who do not smoke or drink too much. Quit smoking and cut back on your drinking and you will see some significant improvements in your performance and stops ED in its tracks.



6. Lower Your Sexual Expectations

At times, having very high sexual expectation tends to lower your sexual performance. The best thing is to take things easy. Learn how to let things unfold slows by enjoying the company of that special person you are with rather than focusing holey on Prescription Pillsthe sex. It will keep you from ejaculating too quickly while also allowing you to hold an erection as the shared intimacy builds therein enabling you to even perform for longer and stop experiencing ED.


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Erectile dysfunction is a stressful condition for any man. It happens the older a man gets, but not every man will succumb to this problem. Most men who do experience it are too embarrassed to get help, but there are plenty of ways to avoid it so here are six tips for preventing it in the first place.

Get exercise. That sounds like something you hear all the time but there is a good reason for this. Exercise helps you burn fat and calories. A wider waistline contributes to ED. Stay in shape and you can prevent it.

Another benefit of exercise – it can be as simple as walking 30 minutes a day- is that it increases blood flow and circulation. This helps you prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. It also helps circulate blood to the genitals so that ED is no longer a problem.


DoctorStress & Erections

Deal with stress. When you are stressed, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones constrict the blood vessels. This increases blood pressure and can absolutely interfere with your ability to get an erection. Find a way that works for you to unwind after work or anytime you feel stress mount. Get a massage, take a walk, meditate or go shoot hoops or ride a bike.

Be careful about porn. Watching porn is not a horrible thing when it is done in moderation. However, too much of it can interfere with a man’s ability to rely on natural stimulation to achieve an erection. If you feel you are watching a little too much, have a talk with your partner.



Stay Erect

It could be that you and your partner want to try new things together. It is not unusual for your partner to have fantasies that A Doctor Inspecting An Xrayyou end up sharing. Trying new things is also one way to inspire yourself to natural stimulation and prevent ED.

Floss your teeth. This is one tip you should follow not just for your dental health. Lack of flossing leads to heart disease or high blood pressure. That can contribute to ED.

Quit Smoking. If you have not been able to quit, now is the time. Smoking is a contributor to high blood pressure and does the same harm, if not worse than forgetting to floss your teeth. Prevent ED by quitting today.

Do Kegels. Ask your doctor how. These exercises stimulate the genital area in just the right way to stop ED before it starts.