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Erectile dysfunction (AKA – ED) is the lack of ability to produce or keep an erection whilst having intercourse or during other sexual acts. Impotence is also another word for ed

Occasionally experiencing ED is actually somewhat common. A high number of males experience erectile dysfunction during periods of high stress. Common ED can actually be a sign of deeper health issues really do need treatment. Erectile Dysfunction can also be a sign that you are going through some difficulties on an emotional level in your relationship.

All sexual problems are not caused by ed. Issues that are not related to erectile dysfunction are:

  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Low Desire To Have Sex

Out of 100 men under the age of 40 will seek out help concerning erectile dysfunction

The Symptoms Of
Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Trouble producing an erection
  • Finding it hard to maintain a firm erection during sex or sexual activities

Does This Sound
like You?

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What Causes Impotence

This list consists of variables that are both within and somewhat outside of your control. If you are experiencing any symptoms of ed (listed above) then we recommend stopping any listed causes below immediately to alleviate the severity of your erectile dysfunction

What Exactly Is An Erection?

An erection comes about when sexual arousal causes increased blood flow to his penis. The muscles in a man’s penis relax when he becomes sexually aroused. This relaxation allows blood to flow through his Penile Arteries.


This blood flow completely fills two chambers inside the penis named the Corpora Cavernosa. As this happens, the penis grows in size. Erectile Dysfunction has the possibility to occur during any number of stages of the erection process.

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Additional Info

Many Melbourne men are also too afraid, too embarrassed or too insecure to seek out a Urologist in order to discuss and potentially treat their current medical condition. This quite a shame as many men actually continue on with their lives for years either not knowing that help is available, or being too embarrassed.

Here are some more facts on ed:

  • Erectile Dysfunction can impact a couples sex life
  • Impotence can affect a man’s sense of self-worth
  • ED can cause depression in younger men
  • Men are generally too scared to seek help from Doctors regarding their sexual impotence issues.

All of this equates to ed being a very big and a very real issue for Melbourne men under the age of 50. Men over the age of 50 generally don’t mind too much. But they still care to an extent. Especially those men over the age of 50 who are married.


Smoking causes impotence

Now would be an ideal time to point out some of the main daily activities that cause impotence.

Smoking is a huge one. The tobacco and nicotine in cigarettes can affect a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. This is also evident in past when high levels of ed were noted in the 40’s and 50’s yet not many doctors realized it was due to smoking. This also raises the questions of whether there are some other causations of ed around today that doctors are currently unaware of. But for now, here are a few more.

Soy. Soy is an almost everything that we eat these days. It is in milk products, coffee and almost everything else we consume. Soy contains a large level of estrogen. Estrogen is a major cause of fertility in women and causes women to develop larger breast and become more emotional. So naturally, men who consume large amounts of soy products become more feminine and have larger levels of estrogen in their bodies. This relates to ED because, in order to achieve an erection, a man needs larger levels of Testosterone in their bodies. Now as estrogen rises, testosterone lowers, hence hindering a man’s ability to get an erection.

Plastic is also a chemical then when heated – produced estrogen – this is completely true, too. So if you’re heating up a meal in a microwave. Do NOT heat it up in a Tupperware container. The container will secrete a minute amount of estrogen into the food Sexual healthyou’re about to eat. Hence polluting your food and your body.

Thos also counts for eating food using plastic plates and knives and forks. Neither is ideal for a man wishing to be able to satisfy his lover when he’s alone with her. And here at Urologist Melbourne, we know that nobody wants that! Especially men!


Preventing Impotence

We have laid out some very recent and very relevant tips here that should show you some super easy and powerful tactics that can help any man from Melbourne prevent erectile problems. We should also point out that there are also mental issues that can be causations for ed. Things like depression fall into this categories. We recommend seeing a psychological doctor if you believe that you don’t fall into the following categories:

  • Overweight
  • A smoker
  • Past injury to sexual organs

This is just to ensure that you cover all the possible issues that might uncover why you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction.




If you seek any guidance or would like any further advice on this issue, please consult one of our Urologists and book an appointment by calling us on (03) 8593 7380. Our healthcare professional would to do what they do best and help you with your medical issues. Our assistance ranges from ed to vasectomies – so call us between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday. And you’ll that our staff are both friendly and profesional.

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