Urologist Robert Coleman

About Robert

Robert Coleman is a fully trained and certified Adult and Paediatric Urological expert and Surgeon in Melbourne. He studied and was granted an undergraduate degree at the University of Queensland. He was later awarded a Masters of Philosophy in Medicine for his extensive research regarding immunotherapy treatment and it's benefits regarding prostate cancer. As mentioned before, Robert completed his training in Queensland after which he underwent a subspecialty training course in Paediatric Urology at in the UK.

After completing his subspecialty training, Robert Coleman provided care at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital in 2013 positioned as a Specialist Paediatric Urologist. It was during this time that he developed the Urinary Stone Service. Robert was the very first urologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to provide endoscopic lasertripsy as a viable treatment for children suffering from urinary tract stones. Dr. Coleman was also played a huge role in the development of the urology for adolescents Transition Service in Birmingham.

Whilst in England, Robert completed extensive Paediatric Urology specialist training, becoming the very first Australian urologist to be recognised as a Fellow of the European Academy of Paediatric Urology. He simultaneously gained extensive experience in hypospadias surgery.

Robert returned to Australia in 2015, beginning work at Monash Children’s Hospital to develop and lead the Transition Urology service. He also joined Cabrini Hospital Malvern around that time. In 2017, Robert decided to expanded his medical practice to better treat more adult and paediatric urological patients from.

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