David Dangerfield Urologist

About David


David Dangerfield has varied medical interests, including that of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Male and female Bladder CancerErectile Dysfunction (AKA ed), Kidney Stone management, Prostate CancerTesticular Cancer, Vasectomies Prostate Cancer, MRI fusion prostate biopsy and erectile dysfunction

David Dangerfield completed his Degree of Medicine at The University of Queensland and completed Urology Training in there as well before returning to Melbourne. It was here that he undertook training in Advanced Laparoscopy stationed at Monash Health. He was soon after appointed a position at Monash hospital where he has provided Melbourne patients with Specialist Urological Services for the last 10 years. 

David Dangerfield has acted as Director of Urological Training at Monash Hospital for over 3 years, representing them at the prestigious Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. A well as this, Dr. Dangerfield has provided private Urological Services to the South-East suburbs of Melbourne for over the last 10 years. David is also a member of the Aus Medical Association and The Australian Urological Society.