The Top Universities In Which To Get A Medical Degree

Seven out of nineteen universities in Australia featured in the latest QS World University Rankings are among the top one hundred in the world. Of these seven, the University of Melbourne was ranked 42nd in the world behind the Australian National University.

We should also take a moment to point out that there are various other universities in Australia that are also very well known for being great places for doctors who one day want to become Urologists. This should be taken into consideration when reading this article and stacking up where in Australia you might like to study medicine.



Melbourne ranked second in the QS Best Student Cities until 2017 when it fell to fifth place, largely due to the affordability category. However, it is still considered to be a highly attractive destination for international study with one of the world’s most diverse student communities retaining the highest score on the index for Student Mix. Below are the top universities for medical studies.

1. University Of Australia

Established in 1953 this public-spirited institution consistently contributes to society in the way of research, teaching, engagement, and learning. Consistently ranked among the best universities in the world it is currently placed as #1 in Australia and #32 in the world.

Studying at this University will equip you with an internationally recognized university degree that will equip you to compete on the world stage.

This medical school is a world-renowned leader in training, teaching, policy, health research, and practice and the first medical school to open in Australia. With the highest evaluations in teaching in the Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences, and Dentistry, Melbourne Medical School offers coursework and short course programs to the future leaders in medicine.

‘” studied medicine in Australia and I’ve never looked back! I am now a Urologist and I make enough money to support my two kids and a dog!”

The extensive range of programs, subjects, and courses offered by the Faculty cater to the diverse needs, aspirations, and backgrounds of students that lead to successful career outcomes, seminars, working opportunities, and social events.

2. Clinical Schools

Melbourne University’s clinical schools offer students a unique experience while studying the same Doctor of Medicine (MD) curriculum for first-class medical education. Integral to the course is the clinical training and teaching students experience at the clinical schools located at affiliated teaching hospitals.

3. Monash Medical University

Founded in 1958, Monash University is a public research facility and the second oldest in the State of Victoria, It also hosts some of the top doctors in Melbourne. Monash is the largest university in Australia, a member of the prestigious Group of Eight, and Kidneysranked among the top one hundred universities in the world.

The faculty is fuelled by the same desire as its namesake, Sir John Monash that students complete their studies with the confidence and skills to create positive change in the world. In less than sixty years the university has expanded from a single campus to a research and education force with campuses on 4 continents. Work at the university that has made an impact globally includes the discovery of new life-saving medicines and providing clean water resources to African villages.

4. Why You Should Study Healthcare In This City

Doctor Teaching patient About MedicineMelbourne is well known for being the most liveable city in the world for over 4 years straight. Due to its low crime, and drinking water. But it also has a great student loans program in which HEX pays for student tuition fees

Public Transport

Many Universities in Melbourne are located within the CBD, thankfully there is more than adequate public transport that can transport any student from anywhere in the area to their chosen university

Superior Professors

Some of the most educated and sophisticated teachers seek out a place to teach in one of Australia’s top universities. resulting in a fantastic learning environment for you!

All courses at Monash University have an international focus which offers students the opportunity to collaborate with global partners with a great choice of international opportunities on all levels. Studies for a medical degree can be started in Australia and continued in places like India, China, Malaysia or any of over one hundred partner institutions situated worldwide.

A recognized world leader in research, many of the ideas developed at Monash University have been commercialized, such as 3D printed engines and a new Malaria vaccine.

5. Deakin University

Kidney StonesOne of the most progressive and visionary universities in Australia, Deakin University provides student-based education that makes it increasingly popular among international students. Among the factors that attract students are scholastic excellence, tailored courses, industry partnerships, and top quality research.

The university’s excellent reputation for innovative course delivery and quality teaching has earned it many awards over the years and high ratings in surveys on graduate satisfaction. More than just a university degree, Deakin offers students a personal and educational experience that equips them for the many challenges presented in the outside world.

6. Other Top Medical Universities include:

  • RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
  • La Trobe University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Victoria University

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