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It’s a well-known fact that Melbourne’s very own Shrine Of Remembrance was established in memory of fallen Australian soldiers. The Shrine is an amazing monument that recognizes the sacrifice that those brave men made for the country and the people that they love.

The Shrine Of Remembrance is located in Melbourne on St.Kilda Road in the central business district. As mentioned before, it was built in honor of all the men and women who have fallen in the past. The Melbourne government has claimed that this monument will stand forever and will forever be taken care of and refurbished as soon as is necessary. The soldiers being remembered in Melbourne are the men and women that perished during World War 1.



Architects Behind The Shrine

The designers of this monolithic building are none other than world-renowned architects Phillip Hudson and James Wardrop. Thes designers claimed that the shrine was based on and inspired by other hThe Shrine Of Remembranceuge building in other countries such as Greece, Australia, Melbourne, and varying others. Much of this can be seen as when one looks at the massive building, you can easily see the European inspiration.


ANZAC Day At The Shrine

Many citizens attend the morning vigil which is in appreciation on ANZAC day. Most people who attend this ceremony tend to be older and are those who were young whilst World War 1 was happening. It is due to this that many Melbournians have stopped attending the event. Because those who’re young now have literally 0 emotional attachment to the cause that their great-grandparents fought for. All though Melbourne teaches this in history within their classes. The construction of this building commenced in the mid-1920s. The construction was so effective that this is one of the strongest and longest standing structures in Melbourne.


11 November At 11 am

On November the 11rth at exactly 11 am. A ray of sunlight shines through the ceiling of the Shrine Of Remembrance and hovers ever so slightly over the word ‘love’. Many hundreds of people gather to see this event occur as it is considered one of the most important and monumental events in Melbourne. As well as being a worldwide Architectural achievement. Many architect students at surrounding Melbourne universities flock to the Shrine Of Remembrance every day to see a mock setup of this light at

The Shrine On St Kilda Road

11 am. All though it is performed by a strong flashlight. It is still visually and emotionally stimulating for all of those who witness its glory.


Interesting Facts

Since it’s construction, over 10 million visitors have passed through the doors of The Shrine Of Remembrance. Over 2 million have been Asian visitors, and over 3 million have been from other countries.The Shrine In Melbourne

This shows perfectly the wide range of visitors that come to Melbourne each year due to its rich culture and amazing opportunities for people to experience Australia as a whole. Kids are also more than welcome. So if you have children and you’re looking to educate them about the history of Melbourne – this is a great place to start! However, if you are going to bring kids into The Shrine Of Remembrance. There is a quiet time at 1 am that you absolutely must be quiet for. As its a chance for family members of those who fell in World War 1 to pay homage to those who died.

So that’s all there really is to tell you about this Melbourne landmark. So if you wish to learn more about Australia, then you should read more about Melbourne.

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Out of 445 things to do in Melbourne, Australia, The Shrine of Remembrance is the #3 ranked place of interest. It is located on St Kilda Road, and it is right beside the Botanical Gardens. Reviews mention people stopping by the Shrine of Remembrance and then strolling through the gardens. I don’t like the fact that it is called a shrine, but perhaps that is the word that is used often in Australia for memorials.

It is a memorial set up by the Yarra River to commemorate the fallen soldiers, and there is an eternal flame on site as well. People say that both the building and the grounds are gorgeous, and of course, there is information to learn about there when you visit to help complete the experience.


the Eternal FlameSwanston Street CBD 3000


There is also a balcony area, and you definitely want to check it out because you are going to get great views of the city. Donations are accepted, but it doesn’t cost you anything to get in to see this beautiful war memorial. Would it be on your list of things to do in Melbourne? Remember, it is ranked #3, and it is a great historical place of interest.

Reviewers talk about visiting during the dawn memorial service, too, if you get the chance. Sometimes it is difficult to plan around exact times for everything while on vacation, but it would certainly be a nice time to visit. Either way, you will enjoy your visit, and it is said to be a very moving experience and fitting tribute.


Views Of Swanston Street

It was mentioned that this war memorial is on St Kilda Road, and when searching for it, it is specifically located in Kings Domain. The Shrine of Remembrance, in terms of war memorials located in Australia, is said to be one of the largest. It was unveiled on November 11th, 1934, so it has been there, well kept and maintained for quite some time.

The memorial is constructed of Tynong granite. Just wait until you see what all you learn about when you arrive at the monument site. History says the shrine began being developed in 1918, so it took awhile for it to be completed. What took so long, for the most part, was opposition to design plans. However, all of that ended several years later, and the war memorial was constructed. It is now one of the top visited attractions in Melbourne, Australia.