Carols By Candlelight At The Sidney Myer Music Bowl


It’s a little-known fact that this music stadium located in Melbourne was actually built by wealthy businessman and lover of music, Sidney Myer. This little-known man was more of a behind the scenes philanthropist than a public figure. Which is why the Australian public demanded to know the identity of this generous man who had decided to build a monolithic cement based stadium on the parks of Melbourne.


Sidney Myer first introduced these parks to the public by putting on numerous free shows and open-air events during Melbourne summers. Families from all over Melbourne would trek, walk, ride and commute to come and see these glorious shows. Back then, of course, the flavor of the month was classical music and jazz. Which is exactly what was showcased at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

This is exactly why thousands would venture to this glorious park each weekend. Week after week. Free concert after free concerts. Locals fell in love with the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. And with the man behind it. Sidney never once allowed himself to be interviewed in papers like the Herald Sun and other papers because he felt that the Music Bowl stood for more than any of his simple words could ever say.


Construction Of The Music Bowl

As big as the Sidney Myer Music Bowl was, it did not take long to build there were a few reasons behind this:

  • The architects behind the design of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl were from Melbourne
  • The cement company was Australian based
  • The musicians who played for free were also local

You can see a theme started to form. Sidney Myer brought together a group of people together for one common goal:

To build a theatre that could showcase free music to Melbournians for life.

Sidney Myer Music Bowl In Melbourne


Who wouldn’t want this to happen?! This is exactly why the construction of The Sidney Myer Music Bowl only took 9 and a half months. An extremely short time when you consider the massive size of the area. But, to be fair. The architects were very smart when they constructed the area. The roof is an industrial grade tarp – which easily and cheaply protects viewers from the rain. And the majority of the viewing place of located on grass.


Performers At The Music Bowl

A multitude of international stars as well as local talent has graced the stage of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Names such as Elvis Presley and much, much more. It’s because of the history, design, and atmosphere that surrounds this beautiful bowl that causes artists and fans alike to be drawn to it’s unique and fantastic stage. The acoustics have been visited some of the best in the world by world-renowned stagehands.
And the lighting setup, too, has been called some of the most effective and fantastic in the world, too.

Other famous names include Neil Diamond, Crowded House, The Seekers, The Moomba Festival, ACDC and many more.


Who Plays In Melbourne Today

There are many performances that still take place in the area. The only difference is. This area has hosted less international acts, CBDsimply because most international acts these days consist of terrible DJ’s and hip-hop groups. The likes that Sidney Myer would absolutely not approve of. So now local jazz bands from universities play here. And show their parents and friends exactly what they can do, musically.

We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed this article outlining exactly what the Sidney Myer Music Bowl has become, and if you were to take your family there – what you could expect.

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The Sidney Myer Music Bowl is one of the top 100 attractions in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. It is an outdoor venue that is actually located within the royal botanical gardens. It is specifically located on Linlithgow Avenue at the Kings Domain. Some people mention in reviews about catching a great show there put on by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

It was mentioned about the venue being outdoors, and that means you can show up with a picnic blanket. People bring their own snacks and have a blast. The concerts mentioned that was put on by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra are free. Pictures of the venue are gorgeous, and it shows you how you are right beside the main part of the city of Melbourne, just not right in the middle of all of the action.


Children's CancerTourist Tips

There are also other shows to catch there, too. Each visit to the Sydney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne can be a new and exciting adventure. If you are going to visit to catch a show or concert, you will want to get there early so you can check out the scene and grab a good spot.

Are you going to be taking public transportation to get to this venue? If so, it is said that the walk from the public transportation hub is a short one. Plus, you will want to take the time to check out all the other things to do in that area, including the Shrine of Remembrance and the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was mentioned that you can bring your own food and snacks with the picnic blanket, but you can also get great food and drinks from establishments right in that area.



Not Just Fir Live Music

Kidney Stones

This venue isn’t just for catching a show. It is also in an area that makes it a great place to have fun and hang out with your family. People talk about looking up at the night sky, and they also talk about the brilliant setup of this venue in general.

If you are going to visit Melbourne anytime soon, you should make plans to stop by the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. You won’t be disappointed, and it will make a nice addition to your vacation. Remember that the area where this venue is located features all kinds of fun activities. Have a great time enjoying Melbourne and all that the city has to offer.