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The Melbourne aquarium has been a staple aspect of any tourist’s visit to the greatest city in Australia (and no I’m not just saying that because I live here). The aquarium is actually world-renowned for its large expanse of fish and it’s even greater customer service. The prices have gone up in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. In fact, some Melbournians have even been quoted saying that now that the prices have been raised, customers are actually paying for what they get.


The Aquarium’s Structure

the construction of the Melbourne Aquarium began in Feb 1998 and continued onwards for the next 1 and a half years. Quite a small amount of time when you consider that this aquarium now hosts a multitude of fish. The architects decided that they would construct this building in such a way that would ensure it would not interfere with the Melbourne street. They did not want it to encroach on local traffic or other building.

With this idea in mind, they decided to go downwards. They constructed the Melbourne attraction 7 meters underneath streetA penguin level! The Aquarium actually has only 1 meter of solid wall between it and the flowing water of the mighty Yarra, a river that runs straight through the Melbourne CBD

The aquarium is also known as ‘SEA LIFE’. We suppose that the marketing team decided that the standard naming of an aquarium had been done over and over again. We’re unsure if the name is the reason for the massive surge in visitors to the Melbourne attraction, or whether it is any other amount of creatures currently residing in the area. the SEA LIFE attraction currently houses:


Sting Rays, Crocodiles, Eels, Sharks, Crayfish, Fish, Toirteses, Manta-Rays, Jellyfish.


This was just a very small snippet of some of the more popular attractions that you can see at the Melbourne Aquarium, for the complete list, visit their website!

Issues With SEA LIFE

As with many public operations, the aquarium was not completely free of issues. A viral outbreak caused 2 people to actually die from catching it while attending SEA LIFE, as well as another 60 people to also catch it and become incredibly unwell. ThisSEA LIFE unfortunate incident resulted in a class action being brought against the establishment as the lawyers representing the public suggested that the Melbourne Aquarium could have prevented this from happening with a proper inspection. The also suggested that the staff knew that this could possibly be happening.

Open Day

The SEA LIFE expansion finally opened in 1998. Prompting a massive flow of new guests. The new visitors seemed not to mind that people have literally died from a disease that the sea life hosted in the aquarium had given customers. But, they made the right decision. not a single person has been made sick from any sort of Sea Life creature, nor has anybody even slipped and hurt themselves.

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