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Lily Pads In The Garden

1. The Gardens In Melbourne

The gardens in the Melbourne area were founded in 1846 about the same time when land was reserved on the south side of the river in Melbourne known as the Yarra River. This space was taken up to make room for a new Botanic Garden. These gardens add up to be a huge area that covers over 36 square miles that actually ends up running along a large expanse of the Yarra River. These gardens include many trees, lots of lakes and absolutely mammoth size expanses of lawn.

Dotted along these lovely lush areas are over 40,000 different species of plants in the area of Melbourne people can come and view at any time.


1. The Gardens In Cranbourne

The Melbourne gardens are quite popular – as are the Cranbourne gardens. These gardens have been open to the Australian public since 1970. The Melbourne government bought this land around 2 months after the Melbourne gardens were open because they saw how much traffic these gardens bought to the area and hence saw a huge economic surge in the area. Since The Garden's Greenhousethen the Melbourne city council has been on the lookout for more areas in which they could potentially acquire land to build an additional Royal Botanic Garden. They will do this in areas that are struggling economically


The Garden’s Vegetation

these gardens are home to a huge variety of plants which have been brought to the Royal Botanic Gardens from outside of Australia as well as from within it. As mentioned before, the Cranbourne gardens have over 50,000 types of plants. But when you combine the two Royal Garden Together, the number easily tops 100,000


Native Living Plants

Since the inception of these gardens in 1846, much of the local plants have been removed. This is due to the fact that Melbourne plants do not bode well for plants from other parts of the world. It turns out that seeing as Melbourne is not such a hostile area, that when new specials of fauna are introduced – the new species will attack and/or seek to flush out the Royal Botanic GardensMelbourne plants. This is unfortunate as the Botanists in charge of the aesthetics of The Royal Botanic Gardens in both Melbourne and Cranbourne pointed out that a mix of plants would entice both local and overseas visitors. None the less, people are impressed when they visit the gardens.



Non-Native Plants In The Botanic Gardens

Believe it or not, these gardens were actually supposed to be used as a place where potential plant buyers could go to inspect plants before they purchased them. But the government stepped in and pointed out the fact that potential clients are outnumbered by passer buyers who would love to explore this large expanse of greenery with their family and potential clients. regardless of whether or not they’re intending to buy plants.


The Ian Potter Gardens For Children

The Ian Potter is one of the biggest drawcards that the Melbourne Royal Botanic gardens have. This is because kids abs0luitely love the area for the following reasons:

  • The Ian Potter Melbourne Playground
  • The Colorful Plants
  • the Soft ground Suitable For Stumbling Children

There are numerous other reasons and points to mention, but for the sake of time, we won’t get into this right now.




For now, you should just be aware of the fact that the Ian Potter Royal Botanic Exhibition was intended for an area for children to discover the wonder of plants. This specific area of the garden is located in close proximity to South Yarra. So it’s very easy for families to get there via public transport such as buses and the metro train stations.

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The Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens is ranked as the top place of interest to visit in the entire city. You know that means that when traveling Melbourne, you are going to have to stop by. The gardens are located on Birdwood Avenue, right in the heart of the city. The attraction itself, its location and the fact that it is a great place for children to visit all make the gardens the top-ranked place to visit in Melbourne.

The central location was mentioned, and that, of course, means you will also find plenty of interesting things to do nearby. It is a great place for picnicking according to the reviews, but there are also plenty of cafes right there as well. Did you know that the Melbourne Botanic Gardens are a total of 5 acres? Also, the Shrine of Remembrance, a War Memorial, and top attraction is also right there nearby.


Medical PractitionersThe Garden’s Flora

Reviews also mention checking out the Fitzroy Gardens and the MCG. If you decide to do all of that in one swoop, you are going to have to walk a little way. Still, it sounds like a great way to catch three attractions that are kind of similar to each other in ways. Fitzroy Gardens features a Tudor Village.

While it was mentioned that you are right in the heart of the city, you are also outside the hustle and bustle. That is exactly what you would expect when it comes to a botanical garden type atmosphere. You don’t expect a ton of traffic or big shops and buildings. Of course, you can expect to see quite a few people passing through, seeing as it is the #1 ranked attraction in Melbourne and all.


Top Tips For Victorians

There is said to be a volcano of a water tower, and the gardens are also called a peaceful oasis. People say you will learn quite a

The Royal Botanic Gardens In Victoria

lot about the plants there, too, if you so choose because they are labeled. Visit Moonlight Cinemas, go punting on the lake and so much more.

Remember that this is said to be an attraction that the children will love, too. The Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens sounds like a fun family attraction. Are you ready to discover the rest? You might as well get going and see what awaits you as you get to the gardens. Who knows what all you will discover while you are there, right?