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When you visit Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, your jaw is going to drop with excitement. You will find it at the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets. Do you like leather goods? Are you shopping for fresh produce? You can’t imagine what all you will find at this market until you have experienced it in person. It is a grand adventure, one that just might be the highlight of your trip to Melbourne, Australia.


As far as the food, you will find more than just fresh produce there. You will also find fresh fish, all kinds of meats and more. Vegetables At The Queen Victoria MarketIt’s also not just about what you find there but the experience in general. Reviews mention that the market has an atmosphere that you want to experience. It is a fun place to be and spend time. As you can imagine, that means Queen Victoria Market can get quite busy. You will want to think about that as you plan your parking. People do report that parking can sometimes be a little challenging. This is a great part of living in Melbourne


Week Nights At The Market

Each day is a little different there, so if you want to visit on a day that is going to be a little less busy, reviews say that Thursday is a good choice. One thing you will enjoy doing there is hunting for hidden gems. One thing you will also want to know is that it can get quite hot there, and some of the buildings don’t have air conditioning. Don’t let that throw you off though, just dress accordingly and have a blast. This market experience is one that you won’t want to miss at all.

You have read quite a lot about how much fun the market is and how much is there. Do you know how big it is? It is set on a whopping 17 acres. Can you imagine? Now you are getting an idea in your head as to the magnitude of this place and how big it is overall. Just think about what all you will find. If you are a visitor and think that you won’t like it because you aren’t interested in buying fresh food to prepare, think again. It is a cultural stop with all kinds of goodies to buy, and it is a great place to pick up souvenirs in Melbourne


Healthy Food

The Queen Victoria MarketThe fresh food has its own section according to reviews, so you can skip it over if you like. But you might want to visit it, too! You never know what delicious foods that you are going to find. If you live in or near Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market would be an excellent place to frequent for your grocery shopping.

You will discover that this market is also part of the history of Melbourne. It is also known as being the largest ‘open air’ market in the entire southern hemisphere. Its roots date back to the 19th century, and it is one of the most popular landmarks to visit in all of Melbourne.

You will also find clothes there and all kinds of other items in Melbourne. You are really just going to have to see for yourself, kind of like a hunting for treasure experience. With a market like that, a tradition for going on two centuries, you know that those hidden gems are going to surface.


Markets In Melbourne

You will visit all kinds of historical attractions and places of interest while in Melbourne if you make your way around, but you don’t want to miss out on this experience. Hit the beach and live it up, but make sure you pay a visit to this cultural staple, the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia. You might have to pack extra bags for the trip back home afterward.


Queen Victoria Market on a sunny day in Australia


This market isn’t just historically significant. It is also of architectural significance. And you certainly know it is socially significant, too. You might have thought that the beach was going to be the most happening place in Melbourne, Australia, but it just might be Queen Victoria Market. No doubt, you will enjoy time spent in Melbourne. Don’t come back empty-handed. Make sure you enjoy this shopping experience and take some pictures to commemorate the experience. It will be a great time for making memories.

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