Thinking Of Taking The Family To St.Kilda’s Theme Park?…

We’ve compiled the basic things that you need to know about Luna Park. Everybody knows that this beachside theme park is one of the most sought-after family places in the whole of Melbourne.


Luna Park



Since it’s opening on the 13th of the end of last year. Luna Paek has undergone many many years of construction throughout the time. Since the park has been marked as a landmark of Melbourne, it has been heritage listed. So all of the construction actually goes towards maintaining the park, rather than adding new rides. the Scenic railway, the ride that circled around the outside of the park, is the longest-running functioning rollercoaster in the whole of Australia. Much more so than any of the other major theme parks.



When Was The Theme Park Built


believe it or not, this Melbourne attraction was actually designed and thought up and built by two brothers in Seattle, USA. This is because back in 1913, there weren’t any theme parks in Melbourne, so nobody knew how to build it. The Bayside cityA Theme Park in St kilda council then decided to bring these two men over from the USA and commissioned them to build what we now know as Luna Park, Melbourne.

This park was built before World War 1. This park was an amazing success before this war and when it was first built. Seeing as it was the first of its kind in the area, families flocked to it from all over the land. Photograph stands were set up to that people could get their visit immortalized. This was obviously far before the time of mobile camera phones, and way before the time of any sort of digital camera at all. But this didn’t prevent old Melbourne families from saving up for months just to take their family to Luna Park.

The dodgem car attraction was also a massive success. It was this attraction combined with the excitement of the Scenic Railway that helped Luna park draw in massive crowds.


What Age groups Visited The Melbourne Theme Park


Scenic Railway At Luna Park

The Seattle brothers new their target market very well in the USA. Upon arriving in Melbourne and doing some market research on the age and family types in the local area, they determined that a variety of rides would be suitable to cater for the local St.Kilda community. So they put many varying rides. A Horror House, A petting zoo (which no longer exists as the animals were easily spooked by the . closeby rides as they zoomed past the animals with noise and velocity), small airplane rides and everything in between.

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A List Of The Rides (Past And Current)


  • Silly Serpent – this ride is designed more for the younger park-goers, as you can likely tell from the name
  • Scenic Railway – This is by far the most famous and most popular ride at Luna Park. This ride has cost over $120,000 to fix over the entire time that it has been running. It was built entirely using wood, and since that time has had several sectional replacements using steel to reinforce it and ensure that it keeps in line with Melbourne’s safety standards.
  • Sky Ferris wheel – Again, a hugely popular attraction at the Luna Park theme park in Melbourne
  • Twin Dragon – A ride based in another country, a ship that swings to and fro – causes most people red-faced faced and vomit!
  • The Ghost Train – This ride is very special attraction, it is as old as the Scenic Railway
  • Holodeck – An extremely intense rollercoaster
  • The Mirror Maze – This ride is no longer operational at Luna Park



Luna Park in Melbourne, Australia is located specifically at 18 Lower Esplanade at Port Philip. Did you know that this is a theme park? Your family fun awaits, and it’s going to be quite an adventure. Luna Park is the #4 top ranked place of interest in Melbourne, with both daytime passes and family passes available. Did you know that this park first opened up in 1912?


There used to be a total of five Luna Parks. There are now two of them, and the other one is located in Sydney, Australia. Fairy Floss is one of the favorites at this park. Reviews say that there are also arcade games there. While those might not be the rides, you know they are going to be fun for the kids as well.


Carnival Attractions

What else can you expect as far as rides? There is an old wooden roller coaster that is one of the main attractions. There are tons of other rides, too, and the park is said to be free entry. It does cost money to ride the rides of course, but the free entry aspect is pretty cool.

People talk about visiting St Kilda Market, too, so that attraction is also close by. As you can imagine, with the mention of the The Melbourne Theme Parkrollercoaster, there are rides for teens and young adults, too. In other words, the theme park isn’t just full of rides for the little ones. There are plenty of those rides as well though.

The park is said to be kept really nice and clean, a pleasant place to enjoy a day with the family. It was mentioned that Luna Park in Melbourne first opened up in 1912, but do you know how long it took to build the park? It took 2 years to build Luna Park. Not only is it one of the two Luna Parks still standing, but it was also the first one built.


Opening Times

The three other parks that are currently still standing closed in 1934, 1966 and 1972. It is a treasure of a place to visit. Perhaps you have been to Luna Park in Melbourne a long time ago, or maybe you have visited one of the other parks. It is time to see what it looks like now, whether you have been before or not. You will have a blast, and you are going to see that it was worth the visit.