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Summertime is usually the best time to visit Melbourne as there are many things to do during this time. Here are some of the things you can do in summer and I would wish that you add them to your list of activities to enjoy.

Flinders Street

This city has some of the best beaches in Australia. You can go on adventure trail in summer and enjoy some of the best beaches. Pack a picnic or get a surfboard and visit exquisite beaches of Wilsons Promontory, Great Ocean Road, Chelsea, Brighton, Sorrento, Rye, Mordialloc, and Elwood and so on.

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“whilst in Melbourne, my family and I went on a hike and we absolutely loved it! My wife has problems with her urine, but we found that there were so many bathrooms along the way that that was no issue! We will certainly be coming back!”

Michael Bosca
CEO, Urologists Brighton
People hike in Australia each summer

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Flinders Street Train Station

The best thing about walking in nature is that it is free. So why not wear your hiking boots and climb up You Yangs Regional Park or Kokoda Walk in Dandenong Ranges National Park. Entries to the places we just mentioned are free. It can be a good idea to make this a group event and ask your friends and family members to tag along for a fun day out.

Visit Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre.

This is the best place to find more about Aboriginal art and culture. A gold coin donation is appreciated for entry to this center. You can also decide to take part in one of their tours which may cost you 15 dollars.

For Australian Healthcare Professionals…

  • Family Friendly Activities
  • Loads Of Toilets
  • Is Doctor Friendly
  • Close To Melbourne CBD
  • All Incidents Can Be Bulk Billed By Your Healthcare Professional

Doctors That Recommend Hiking In Melbourne
Healthcare Specialists That Recommend Hiking

Go on a picnic Going for a picnic is also a good thing to do in summer. All you need to have a lovely picnic is some food and an old blanket. One of the best places to enjoy your picnic is the Royal Botanic Gardens. The lush greenery inside this place makes it a good place to go on a picnic.

Attend a festival.

Summer has several enjoyable festivals that are jam-packed with cost-free entertainment, exhibition, and activities. Entry, entertainment, and activities are free but you may have to pay for rides. Just check out for festivals and I am sure that you will enjoy yourself.


Take advantage of one of the many free guided tours to visit every part. This tour will help you learn more about the Parliament house, Melbourne laneways and give you an opportunity to see the magnificent architecture of the State Library. Tours are often free but you need to book.


Medical Markets

Markets are among the major attractions. Apart from offering fresh produce, these markets offer samples, free live entertainment, and an opportunity to buy hot delicious food. The best thing is that entry and entertainment are free but food and other products are not free.

Queen Victoria market is one of the most visited markets but not the only one. You can choose to visit markets such as Springvale market, Monash farmer’s market, Prahran market and so on. The summer night market This is the best way to avoid wasting a weeknight. Take your friends or family members and I am sure that you will enjoy what summer night market has to offer. The market is on every Wednesday night between November and March. In addition, it is also family friendly.


Wander Through Melbourne on White Night What is White Night? It is the night of the year when a sense of adventure descends on you. White Night is very enjoyable. During this event, the city transforms into a sea of light, creativity, and culture.

There are light installations on the city’s landmarks, street performance, music, and dancing. Most of the people who visit the city during this time have just looked around and were surprised how beautiful this city can become.

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A Doctor’s office
A Urine Specialist
Healthcare Specialists
A Tour Guide Office
A Doctor’s office

Believe it or not, hiking can be somewhat dangerous. Which is why there are doctor’s offices scattered all along popular hiking trails. If you plan to go to a trial that is less popular. Please learn about personal safety before embarking on your journey

A Urine Specialist

Many people experience Urinary Tract Infections from drinking from streams in Melbourne’s mountains. So specialists are ready and waiting to help you should you contract this issue

Healthcare Specialists

There are various healthcare professional waiting to help you along the way

A Tour Guide Office

Guides are available to be hired for a small fee around this area.

This Is Not Just For Doctors

As you can see, there are many things to enjoy in summer. This is the time for soaking up the sun, enjoying outdoor activities, going on adventures, going on beach walks, enjoying festivals that are on offer, visiting a market. Visiting the summer night market, getting a free tour and so on. There are so many activities to enjoy in summer. Add the activities above to your list and I am sure that you will enjoy your visit.

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